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Karo Film

Managing company Karo Film is one of the leading Russian companies engaged in the developments of cinema circuit and cinema market in Russia. Karo Film with its several offices has been the client of Moscow branch Health and Life of OAO JSIC Energogarant for three years. The company mainly provides medical insurance for the employees of Karo Film. During our joint work the staff of the insurance company has acted as attentive, professional and highly responsive partners to all requests. We appreciate their customer-oriented approach. In cooperation with Karo Film there have been conducted interesting events for the VIP customers of Health and Insurance branch of Energogarant. We are looking forward for the continuation of our fruitful cooperation.

General Director Il’chuk I.V.


OOO Udarnitsa, one of top-three enterprises in the confectionary industry of Russia, has been cooperating with Moscow branch Health and Life of  Energogarant since 2002.

One of the main objectives of the factory is retention of its highly professional team of workers. Long-continued cooperation with Energogarant makes it possible for the factory to receive comprehensive services on voluntary medical insurance and for the branch to reinstate its fundamental principles: main value of the company is customers, and main principle is individual work with all and every customer of Energogarant.

In future we also intend to continue our cooperation counting on a high professional level of Energogarant.

ZAO Delta Leasing


During 10 years of conducting business in the leasing market we had a chance to see the importance of a reliable partner in insuring the purchased assets. Energogarant Insurance Company is our time-checked partner in insuring a wide range of our leasing objects. Among advantages of Energogarant we would like to mention a high quality of provided services and a general reliability of this partner. We were able to make sure that Energogarant provides a real insurance protection.

We also highly value flexibility of their terms and conditions and the company’s readiness to cooperate. For example, Energogarant company acted as a partner providing KASKO insurance under the deal of purchase of Hino auto-trucks for leasing on preferential terms.

ZAO Delta Leasing is a universal leasing company with 100% foreign capital. According to 2008 rating results Delta Leasing is in TOP-25 Russian largest leasing companies.


OOO MJP (Moscow Jewelry Plant) ELIT has been cooperating with Energogarant since 2002. Due to the fact that OOO MJP ELIT operates the modern Italian equipment, being one of the leaders of the Russian jewelry sector in the production of golden chains and bracelets which meet the most exquisite demands, we are in constant need to have our risks insured. We have established the closest relations with the Personal property and SME property insurance department, specifically with the Department Director Shalneva Marina Ivanovna and Yankova Nadezhda Alexandrovna, as we insure equipment, finished jewelry from precious metals, including exclusive articles, golden semi-finished products and other property. Marina Ivanovna and Nadezhda are high-level professionals: they possess profound knowledge, are very responsive and engaging in communication. We have not had a single negative comment or a conflict with them during the whole term of our joint work.


In 1991 the Kangaroo group established its first enterprise in Ivanovo. This scientific production enterprise has been successfully operating ever since in the sphere of manufacturing application of high technology.

Kangaroo Group is engaged in the trade of construction goods, home appliances and in the trade of such well-known trade marks as: Sinteros, Yaroslavl paints, Procter&Gamble and KNAUF.

Kangaroo has been working together with Energogarant for more than 5 years, during which a large number of insurance contracts have been concluded. And we may say that, being an actively developing company, we are in constant need to insure our risks. We also insure goods in turnover, real estate, equipment, and our motor fleet consisting of about 50 motor vehicles.


GISLAV Group of companies, consisting of OOO Soybean Products, OOO Dondukov Combine Fodder Factory, OOO IgelSnab, OOO Gislav, OOO Gislav-Logistics, etc., - has been cooperating with Energogarant Insurance Company about 10 years and is ready to confirm that Energogarant tries to maintain its business reputation. We also confirm reliability and quality of their services. During the period of our joint work we have conducted a number of interesting projects on the insurance of risks of legal entities. We appreciate the high professional level of Energogarant staff, their customer-oriented approach, efficiency and loyalty to their obligations. Energogarant Company is a true professional in the insurance business; we feel really protected working with such a reliable partner. GISLAV Group of companies intends to continue developing our cooperation.

OAO Stupino Metallurgical Company

OAO Stupino Metallurgical Company is one of the largest industrial enterprises of special metallurgy in Stupinski district and in Moskovskaya oblast. Taking into consideration the whole existing range of production lines, it deems very important to ensure a high-quality insurance protection of all these activities in compliance with the requirement of the current Russian legislation.

During several years we have been engaged in multilateral cooperation with Energogarant. Special mention should be made about the following strengths of this company: a high professional level of the employees and the head of the office of this insurance company in Stupino, their competitive and advantageous conditions for the comprehensive insurance of corporate risks, streamlines and efficient work on the payment of insurance compensations for the employees of the enterprise, prompt settlement of all disputable issues, provision of quick responses to all requests of the enterprise, ability to give competent explanations and consultation on insurance issues, and ability to create a friendly environment for our joint work.

We intend to continue our mutually advantageous cooperation with Energogarant in a long-term perspective and we would like to express our gratitude for the provision of quality insurance services.

Managing Director, A.K. Davydov


MUE PTO ZhKKh SR (municipal unitary enterprise “Manufacturing and Technical Association for Housing and Municipal Services in Stupinski District) has been working with Energogarant since they opened a branch in Stupino, which branch is rendering a whole range of insurance services for our organization, i.e.: third party liability insurance for hazardous cargo transportation, accident insurance for our staff, motor insurance, property insurance, medical insurance and many other related services.  

Energogarant Insurance Company employs excellent professionals devoted to their work. Whenever we communicate with them, they always display full understanding and support on all issues, therefore this communication always brings satisfaction and confidence. For our organization Energogarant is a reliable partner and a true friend.

Deputy General Director, N.G. Esina



Branch No.15 “Social Wellfare” of OAO MOEK, the operation of which engages all the segments of Moscow power energy market, would like to express its gratitude for 3 years of successful cooperation with Energogarant Insurance company OAO JSIC Energogarant in the sphere of rendering the following Cervices for the employees of OAO MOEK: accident insurance, insurance of the employees’ children during their summer and winter holidays at medical and general health camps, as well as accident insurance of the employees which participate in sports events of OAO MOEK.

We may say that during the whole period of our partnership Energogarant has always been well-organized, responsible and professional. The employees of the company are highly professional specialists with excellent training. Accident insurance contracts are monitored by competent, attentive and friendly managers, able to resolve all questions with good results and within shortest time. The company has a well-organized 24x7 support center. During the time of our cooperation there has not been a single case of refusal to receive an insurance compensation.

We hope to continue our advantageous cooperation and to strengthen the existing partnership relations.

Director, K.I. Kozlov


OAO CB (Commercial Bank) AGROPROMCREDIT works with Energogarant in the segment of personal insurance contracts. The company offers a wide range of programs depending on needs and wishes of customers. The company displays high flexibility in its pricing, and what is more important, it employs highly qualified specialists able to offer a needed list of services and, besides, to provide excellent subsequent services on contract management.

We believe that what makes Energogarant different from other similar companies is sufficiently high level of reliability and extensive experience of operations in the personal insurance market. Besides, the fact that the Company is constantly searching and implementing new highly relevant insurance packages proves its positive movement and its intention to develop and strengthen the Russian insurance market.

During the period of our cooperation Energogarant acted as a partner providing qualitative services. The Company employs doctors with highest qualification, which arrange necessary medical assistance round the clock and are ready to make recommendations. There have not been any refusals or failures either in the insurance coverage or in the organization of medical aide during the term of our work. We hope that our cooperation will continue to be as fruitful as it has been up to now.

OAO Scientific and research institute of technical glass

OAO Scientific and research institute of technical glass has been working with  Energogarant in the segment of personal insurance contracts for three years. During this period the Insurance Company has acted as a well-organized company with good professionals. The contracts are monitored by adequately prepared managers and doctors-supervisors with the highest and first professional ranks. The company has a well-organized information center, which makes it possible to seek assistance any time round the clock.

There have not been any refusals or failures either in the insurance coverage or in the organization of medical aide during the term of our work. The fundamental criteria of the Company operation are professionalism, excellent labor management, efficient solutions, competence and friendly attitude.

General Director, V.F. Solinov

Russian Joint-Stock Commercial Road Bank (RosDorBank)

The Russian Joint-Stock Commercial Road Bank (OAO) has been working with Energogarant in the segment of personal insurance contracts for the bank’s staff (voluntary medical insurance and accident insurance) for more than three years. During this period the Insurance Company has acted as a reliable, responsible and attentive to customer needs partner. 

Energogarant offers a wide range of medical insurance packages, ensuring comprehensive consideration of general health issues and individual solutions for all and each clients. Employees of OAO RosDorBank receive first-class medical assistance in out-patient’s clinics and medical centers, equipped with modern medical facilities and staffed with professional employees.

The staff of the Insurance Company is friendly, customer-oriented specialists with sound professional background. Insurance contracts are monitored by competent managers with good knowledge of medicine, which can provide consultation and arrange medical aide without delay and at any time at client’s convenience.

First Deputy Chairman of the Board, K.V. Shapyrina

SGMUEP Gorsvet

SGMUEP Gorsvet (Surgut city unitary electric power enterprise Gorsvet) has been closely working with Energogarant since 2003 in the segment of main types of insurance, namely, voluntary medical insurance, third party liability insurance of contractual defaults, commercial property insurance, accident insurance of the company staff.

We would like to note a high professional level of the branch employees, their efficiency at executing and prolongation of insurance contracts, as well as provision of high-quality services at payment compensations for losses.

The managers and employees of the branch make their best to develop our relations.


Rekun Film company is an old client of the Moscow branch Health and Life of Energogarant Insurance Company. In order to ensure efficient and continuous process of film making Energogarant has been providing comprehensive insurance services for the film production by Rekun-Cinema for 6 years. At present we work together in the framework of film-shooting process of the film “There once lived an old woman” («Жила-была одна баба»), director A.S. Smirnov. This is a historic film difficult for production, and our contract with Energogarant adds confidence in our work.

The complex of insurance programs makes it possible to arrange high-quality assistance within shortest possible time to the Insured persons in this country and abroad (e.g., Morocco, Montenegro, France) which is especially valuable in our line of business.

We would like to note a high professional level of the company’s employees, their productive and very attentive approaches to all arising issues.

Smolensk Aviation Plant

Smolensk aviation plant was founded in 1926; it is one of the oldest aviation enterprises. At present OAO Smolensk aviation plant, being a member of the Corporation Tactical Rocket Ammunition, produces training aircrafts YaK-18T for specialized colleges of civil aviation and multi-purpose aircrafts SM-92T alongside with rockets, its main core production.

We started our cooperation with company ENERGOGARANT in 2004. For us their attractive features were: prompt and clear solutions of problems, wide range of provided services, minimum set of required documents and high reliability. We plan to increase our cooperation.

General Director, A.M. Miroshkin

Tomsk Beer

OAO Tomsk Beer has been working with Energogarant since 2007. During this period Energogarant has proved to be a reliable and qualified insurance partner.

We would like to thank you for our fruitful cooperation and hope for its further development.

Head of OMTS, V.V. Russkov


Motor Fleet of the Government of Ivanovskaya oblast

Motor Fleet of the Government of Ivanovskaya oblast has always been very thorough and critical when selecting an insurance company. For us services provided by insurers, their quality, timeliness and correctness mean more than just a history of many years of operations.

In the region Energogarant Insurance Company has a stable positive image and good business reputation. Our long cooperation has confirmed their reliability, high management level, high professional level of employees and attentive attitude toward clients.


Russian Oils

We have been working with Energogarant for more than one year. There have not been any negative comments about the work of the company’s employees. It is very pleasant that you always remember about your clients. Your communication and your attention are very pleasant.

In our opinion, the main advantages of your company are acceptable rates and high efficiency in document preparation. We hope for the further fruitful cooperation.

Financial Director, M. Temnov